The US Consulate has reported changes in medical exams for applicants between 2 and 14 years old as of October 1, 2018. The IGRA blood test will be required as of the aforementioned date and cost of the medical examination for minors between 2 and 14 years will be of $ 178 plus Taxes. See the price table.


Servicios Médicos de la Frontera
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"The United States Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) requires all immigrant visa applicants and some non-immigrant visa applicants, regardless of age, to be examined by a physician authorized by the United States government before receiving a visa".

Before the appointment:

The date of your interview appointment is indicated in the letter you received from the National Visa Center or the Applicant Service Center (CAS). IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have the complete results of the medical examination ABEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT AT THE CONSULATE; therefore, we suggest you arrange the medical examination one or two days in advance.

Applicants between two (2) and fourteen (14) years of age must attend their medical examination at least four (4) days in advance of their scheduled consular appointment. It is also recommended that if you are going to vaccinate children within this age range, do so at least four (4) weeks before your medical examination.

REMEMBER: During the application and interview process for a visa you must tell the truth and provide complete and correct information. Failing to do so, the processing of your visa may be delayed or you may be found ineligible for a visa, which otherwise it might have been approved.
Requirements to request an Appointment:

• NVC appointment sheet, all pages with the names of each applicant.

It is not necessary that you present a photograph for your medical examination; we will provide it for free.

Requirements for your medical examination:

• Appointment sheet issued by the Consulate, all pages with the names of each applicant. (Immigrant visas).
• Closed envelope issued by the Embassy or Consulate in the interior of the republic (Nonimmigrant visas).
• Valid passport. Copy for non-immigrant visa applicants.
• If you wear glasses it is necessary that you present them at the time of your examination.
• If you were or were under medical treatment for a specific disease, you must submit a medical report that includes diagnosis and treatment.
• You do not need to stop the medication you are currently taking.


After your exam you will be handed a sealed envelope to take to your Consulate interview, DO NOT OPEN IT! If you open this envelope, you will have to request and pay for a new medical examination. The clinic, in some cases, will send the results of the medical examination directly to the Consulate to be included in your file.


If during your medical examination there is a suspicion that you have tuberculosis, you will be subject to additional tests consisting of: phlegm sample for 3 consecutive days, which will be analyzed and whose result will be received 8 weeks later. For this reason you will not be able to attend your appointment to the Consulate and you will receive additional instructions from the clinic's medical staff at the time of your examination. If the test is negative, the Consulate staff will contact you to schedule your new appointment. Otherwise, if the test is positive, our medical staff will contact you to explain the following steps to follow.


$220 dlls.

ADULTS (Over 15 years old).

$178 dlls.

MINORS (Between +2 and 14 years old).

$135 dlls.

CHILDREN (Between 0 and 2 years old).

This amount includes only the necessary clinical examinations. Prices before TAXES.
The cost of the vaccine (s) is independent of the cost of your regular medical examination. More information about vaccines.. Payment in clinic with credit and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard and American Express or cash (national currency and / or dollars), on the web you can make your prepayment with VISA, Master Card or PayPal.


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